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Saltcoats 7th Annual Vintage Snowmobile Race March 3th, 2007

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We would like to thank the people who flagged the corners on the race track, who operated the tow sleds that  towed the break downs back to the pit area.  To the ladies who spent hours making the racing bibs for the drivers, to the people in the concession and beer gardens, and to the lap counters.  It is not an easy job to count the sleds but the counters did a wonderful job.  The total amount of volunteers required was almost everyone from Saltcoats and surrounding area.  Your help was greatly appreciated by the fire department.
The fire department made enough money in the three races to purchase 3 full sets of fire suits and one new self contained breathing apparatus.  The profit had a great deal to do with a large list of sponsors who donated cash and prizes, all greatly appreciated.
Something should be said about the people who enter a race like this one.  Only the people who have built a sled for a race like this know how much time and money it takes to build something that might just win and then there is the heart break when you blow a engine on the practice lap. 
Then there are the drivers, a 100 mile hike on a modern sled is a walk in a park.  A 100 miles on a pre -1974 sled is a little different story especially when the throttle is clamped from the time he drops the flag until someone wins, corners included.  Rumor has it that after the first race some guys had a little trouble getting out of bed for 3 or 4 days.  After watching the first race the Fire Department decided that we had to do something to improve the lastability of the track so for the second race we packed the track after each snowfall and after every windy day.  All that extra work made a great improvement.
The profit from this race will again be used to purchase more fire equipment. 
Hope to see everyone at the races again.  We always have alot of fun and a heartfelt thank you from the Saltcoats Volunteer Fire Department  to everyone.